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Golf Ball


Corporate Membership fees for the 2024 season will increase to $10,500 per year, which includes a $200 pro shop and a $1,100 cart lease fee. Membership is good for one year and must be renewed in any subsequent years.

A Primary Member must be chosen with each corporate membership and s/he will have the power to vote on any board decisions and will be Green Hills contact with the Corporation. S/he will be responsible for relaying all information, rules and regulations to other employees.


At least one half of the membership fee must be paid with application with remaining balance to be paid in full within six (6) months, or by the end of the calendar year. Restaurant coupons of $100 will be issued if the payment is split. (Coupons are honored from March 15th to October 15th.) 

Cart lease fees include the use of up to two rental carts, ready at the time of play. Corporate Members do not receive the privilege of owning their own private cart. Corporate Members may choose to ride in other members' carts (regular cart fees still apply).

Cart rental fees and guest fees may be charged to the Corporation and billed monthly. However, corporate members will be required to receive authorization over the phone before any charge. The Corporation is responsible for all fees incurred by their members and guests.

Any abuse of the system will result in the immediate suspension of the Corporate Membership and no refunds will be issued.


Corporate Memberships are limited to certified businesses - a FIN must be presented at the time of application in order to qualify for membership. The Membership shall consist of no more than 6 members whose names are recorded on the application and filed in the Pro Shop. One member shall be designated as the Primary Member

The Primary Member must be approved by a majority of the directors at a Green Hills Country Club Board of Directors meeting.

All rules, regulations, and attire requirements apply to any and all Corporate Members.


Corporate Membership allows up to four members listed on the application to play per day every day that the course is open (i.e. when conditions permit play and the course is not close for tournament play). After 4 members play on any day, other members may play but will be charged the non-member rate for that day.

Voting privileges at board meetings are reserved to the Corporate Membership's designated Primary Member.

The Primary Member is allowed arrange for guests to play any day as long as the 4 memberships plays have not been exceeded

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